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Ready to make a move now, later, or maybe just curious what your house is worth?  We love to talk shop, no matter what your goals may be, so let’s connect!

Tips for selling your home

Plan ahead

Everybody wants a quick sale, and everybody wants to get top dollar when selling their home. That’s only natural when you’re selling what is probably your most valuable asset. It's difficult to know what’s the best way to sell quickly and how to maximize your return.

Don't get attached

The hardest part about listing for a lot of sellers is detaching, and turning their “home” into their “asset”. It makes sense, memories tend to make us sentimental, but unfortunately, we can’t put a price tag on sentimentality, and more importantly, that’s not what buyers are buying.

Sell the lifestyle

Light up the firepit and get the s’mores roasting. How about a cul-de-sac place with a great pool? Set up the lounge chairs and crank up the music! You’re not just selling four walls and a roof, you’re selling the place somebody else is eventually going to call their home.

“Above and beyond expectations is the best way to describe our experience with Jeff…should we move in the future, there is no other realtor we would use.”


“Jeff is dedicated to his career and the clients he serves.”


“Jeff was very knowledgeable from start to finish. He assessed the home, put a plan in place and then executed that plan…the whole process was a success!”


“Jeff took our panicked calls calmly and handled all questions with a great deal of expertise…we couldn't have chosen a more competent agent.”


“I have already recommended Jeff to friends and family and will continue to do so for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Should we move in the future, there is no other realtor we would use.”


Homes we're looking for

We have active buyers looking, and your house might be their perfect fit. If you've thought about selling, now might be the time.

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